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Alterations and Repairs - A Drake Cleaners Specialty

Let Drake Cleaners help you look your best.

Did you gain or lose weight?  Drake can make your clothes look great.

Do you need minor repairs, such as a zipper or buttons replaced.  Drake can do it for you.  Just drop off your clothes, tell us what you need done, and we can take of it for you.

Do you need patches on uniforms or sports wear.  We can do it for you.

Most minor alterations, zippers, and patches can be completed quickly often by the next day.

Major tailoring projects are a speciality. Our other company, A Better Fit Alterations, is right next door and can perform major alterations including garment redesigning, wedding dress alterations, and all types of formal wear tailoring. Sandy and her professional seamstresses are available by appointment and often can do magic on your garments.